Ali Hossaini / Filmmaker

FILMMAKER, ALI HOSSAINI, is an executive, philosopher and artist who works at the cutting edge of media. Having collaborated with talent ranging from Robert Wilson to Brad Pitt, his personal work and his productions have been exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals internationally, winning acclaim from The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Cool Hunting and many other outlets. He has been involved in the launch of several television channels, including LAB HD, the only TV channel devoted to video art, Equator HD, Gallery HD, Oxygen, TechTV, NOW and LinkTV. He is currently proprietor of Pantar, a consultancy that specializes in business strategy and talent‐driven productions of artistic merit. In 2010 he focused on 3D video projects, and he created the Enterprise & Innovation Hub, a revenue generating initiative for FACT, a Liverpool‐based arts organization. Hossaini’s productions include the Voom Portraits, which includes performances by Johnny Depp, Salma Hayek, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey, Jr, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Sean Penn and other cultural icons. He has produced numerous documentaries and factual television series relating to travel, natural history, culture and sustainable living. In 2008 he produced Self‐Portrait, a short film by Dennis Hopper. The American Museum of the Moving Image maintains permanent exhibit devoted to LAB HD. Other productions have been exhibited at the Lincoln Center, the Tribeca Film Festival, the Montreal Festival of Film on Art, PS1/MoMA, The Hackney Empire, SF Cinemateque, Pacific Film Archives, the Beijing Borderlines Festival, Couvent des Cordeliers and many other international venues. His production of Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 appeared in the 2006 Whitney Biennial.
Ali is currently working on Oceanic Verses with Paola Prestini, Donna Di Novelli and Helga Davis, and, the Epiphany Project with Niloufar Talebi and Paola Prestini.