Erika Harrsch / Visual Artist

The treatment of the body as the most direct media of expression and exteriorization of our own histories and relations has been the central theme of the work of Erika Harrsch. Presenting intimate aspects of invitation and seduction, which suddenly turn us into unprepared voyeurs, evidencing a close relation between nature-psychology and sublimity. To Harrsch, the body is the place where all needs are registered, a place of desires, affections, emotions, all of the drama and grandeur of human life interpreted through this perspective.

Born in Mexico City, Harrsch has lived and worked in Mexico, Italy, Germany and New York. Strengthened by her professional practice as a painter, she has expanded her interests to acquire a variety of disciplines associated with the production of process-oriented art. Her image-making tools also include videography, photography and a kind of scenario building based on found elements in artificial and natural environments, which find expression in the form of videoinstallations and photographic works.

Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions, group shows, festivals and Art biennials in Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Spain and England. Her work is also included in the collections of Museums in Mexico and the United States.