Memory Palace


Ian David Rosenbaum – called by Atlanta Music Critic “one of the nation’s great percussionists” – joined The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center’s CMS Two program in 2012 as only the second percussionist in the program’s history. The Chicago Tribune has said that he “play[s] with unfailing virtuosity, whatever the music,” and the New York Times has praised his “excellent” and “precisely attuned” performances.

Crashing Through Fences by Timo Andres

G-Force by Paola Prestini

Meadowlark by Tawnie Olson

Celestial Sphere by David Crowell

Memory Palace by Christopher Cerrone

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“This is the natural world we tend to overlook: the crickets outside our windows, the small birds chirping from nearby trees and the wind gusting through chimes at mom and dad’s house.” – Alexandra Svokos WQXR / Q2 Album of the Week


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CAT #: VIA-10

Release Date: January 6, 2017