Past Performances

Oceanic Verses at the Kennedy Center and River to River Festival Summer 2012
Created by Paola Prestini & Donna Di Novelli, Ali Hossaini directed by Kevin Newbury
with the Washington Chorus, Brooklyn Youth Chorus and Novus NY conducted by Julian Wachner

House of Solitude (in progress) at the River to River Festival, Harare International Festival of the Arts and the Atlas Theater 2011-2012
part of the Labyrinth Installation Concertos Created by Paola Prestini, Carmen Kordas and Cornelius Dufallo

21c Liederabend 2011 at the Kitchen


Mason Bates, Theo Bleckmann, Douglas J. Cuomo, Daniel Felsenfeld*, Peter Golub*, Ted Hearne, Gabriel Kahane, Phil Kline, David T. Little, Matt Marks*, Missy Mazzoli*, Milica Paranosic, Russell Platt, Paola Prestini*, Kamala Sankaram, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Gregory Spears, Julia Wolfe, Du Yun*, Lev Zhurbin, John Zorn



David Grimm, Royce Vavrek


Timo Andres, Lisa Bielawa, Theo Bleckmann, Tony Boutte, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Lori Cotler, Martha Cluver, Corey Dargel, Helga Davis, Charlotte Dobbs, Du Yun, Rinde Eckert, Abigail Fischer, Kate Geissinger, Ted Hearne, Mellissa Hughes, Gabriel Kahane, Sofia Rei Koutsovitis, Phil Moffa, Kathryn Mulvahill, Kirsten Sollek, Toby Twining, Amelia Watkins, Shara Worden, Glen Velez


John Buffalo Mailer & Melvin Van Peebles


S. Katy Tucker


Marcus Doshi


Murat Eyuboglu, Ali Hossaini, Carmen Kordas, Stephen Taylor, S. Katy Tucker

You Have Given Me A Country October 2010 for 92Y Tribeca

Composers Paola Prestini and Milica Paranosic of the award winning production company VisionIntoArt created a multimedia book launch of You Have Given Me a Country by Neela Vaswani. The evening explored the book’s themes of family, blurred borders, identity, and what it means to be multicultural. Combining memoir, history, and fiction, the book follows the author’s Irish-Catholic mother and Sindhi-Indian father on their journey towards each other and the biracial child they create.

With filmmaker Carmen Kordas, and special guests conductor Andre De Quadros, vocalist Lori Cotler and percussionist Glen Velez joining the VIA Ensemble and actor/director Holter Graham.

21c Liederabend 2009 at Galapagos Art Space


ETHEL  accompanied by the VisionIntoArt ensemble and quartet
Caleb Burhans, Leah Coloff Corey Dargel, Osvaldo Golijov, Judd Greenstein, Ted Hearne, David T. Little , Missy Mazzoli, Nico Muhly, Milica Paranosic, Paola Prestini

Comission: Kamala Sankaram

Hila Plitmann, Helga Davis, Abigail Fisher, Amelia Watkins, Anne-­‐Carolyn Bird, David Adam Moore,  Kamala Sankaram Isaiah Robinson, Daniel Gundlach, the rapper SKIM

Film by Stephen Taylor and Carmen Kordas

FERUS 2010

VisionIntoArt: FERUS (an ongoing composer/performer series)
Galapagos Art Space presents VisionIntoArt: Ferus, a Spring festival presenting the art of untamed musical/art identities from the global scene. Reaching across oceans from Australia, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Syria and Serbia, these artists are charting new territories in media, sound, poetry, performance art, and dance and will bring their new explorations to DUMBO Spring 2010. From bowing fences along world borders to fusing media technologies with contemporary movement, these evenings will bring electric innovations.

The series presented:
Experimental violin virtuoso and composer Cornelius Dufallo
Percussionist All-Star David Cossin
Radical Violin/Fence Explorer & composer Jon Rose
Percussionist/Composer Lukas Ligeti
Vocal improvisation expert Helga Davis
Multi-instrumentalist and Instrument Designer Mark Stewart with special guests
Kronos Quartet Cellist Jeffrey Zeigler performing the works of Michael Gordon and Felipe Perez Santiago in new VisionIntoArt collaborations
VisionIntoArt director and Mutlimedia artist/composer Paola Prestini in collaboration with filmmaker Ali Hossaini and visual artist Erika Harrsch
Jazz chanteuse Magos Herrera
Dance/Technology company Mei-Be Whatever DANCE
Performance Artist Milica Paranosic and filmmaker Carmen Kordas
Performance Poet Roger Bonair-Agard
Arabic-jazz clarinetist Kinan Azmeh

Body Maps (2010)

a concert that explores multi-media and multi-channel commissioned video art. Coproduction with Beth Morrison Projects.

Eric Whitacre
The gorgeous Butterflies and Sleep my Child was  performed by Hila Plitmann and Jeffrey Zeigler.

Body Maps
Body Maps by Paola Prestini and Erika Harrsch,

Michael Gordon
A new multi-channel video by Davide Faggiano to Michael Gordon’s Industry.

John Corigliano
Hila Plitmann  performed selections from Tamborine Man

Felipe Perez Santiago
New work for cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, Frozen, and Fetus, for cello, electronics, KBOW, and video projections.

VIOLENS (2007-2009)
An interdisciplinary story that explores the mutation of three Hoffman children’s tales from Struwelpeter, and their real life counterparts. The stories focus on fire, food, and racism, the three themes inter-relating to create a work that questions society’s perceptions of morality, violence, and family.

Music by Raz Mesinai, Paola Prestini and Milica Paranosic. Performed at PS 122 in January 2008, and at the Bosko Buha Children’s Theater in Belgrade, Serbia.

Traveling Songs
(an ongoing series for the collective ruminations on travel)
Traveling Songs is a transmedia work about migration and travel that reflects the modern minstrel nature of our diverse ensemble. Traveling Songs expresses notions of home and far away lands, artistically and literally carrying the audience through new environments and sounds.

Performed at Joe’s Pub and the Whitney Museum in NYC, Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, EtnaFest and Teatro Manzoni (Milano) in Italy, and Dom Omladine and BEMUS in Belgrade, Serbia. Music by Milica Paranosic, Paola Prestini, Cafe Tacuba, Pablo Rieppi.

SOUNDS (2006-2010)
VIA composers take Kandinsky’s book of woodcuts and prose from 1912 using four colors (black, white, blue and red) and specific woodcuts as an inspiration for a music/movement/film collaboration.

Music by Nico Muhly, Paola Prestini and Milica Paranosic.
Performed at Franklin & Marshall College, the Chelsea Art Museum and the Whitney Museum in NYC,  Galapagos Art Space in Brooklyn, EtnaFest and Teatro Manzoni (Milano) in Italy, and Dom Omladine and BEMUS in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Democrazy Project is a performance series that inquires into the role of the arts in a democratic society.

The Democrazy Project is led by historian and writer James Allen Smith in collaboration with the VIA cast.

It premiered in 2002 at The Lincoln Center Institute, and has subsequently toured to the North Carolina School of the Arts for the Kenan Institute’s Assembly of Conservatory Leaders, in Dallas, TX at the Council on Foundations Meeting, the Museum of the American Indian, and at Dickinson College. Music by Paola Prestini, Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, Steve Reich, and Nico Muhly.

Since 1999 VIA has commissioned and performed works by a rich array of artists.


*marks commission

Adams, John
Adler, Samuel
Alexander, Kathryn
Alvarez, Javier
Babbitt, Milton
Beaser, Robert
Beavers, Kevin
Bilous, Edward
Bresnick, Martin
Brubeck, Chris
Burhans, Caleb
Burtner, Matthew
*Anna Clyne (Commissioned for 21c Liederabend)
Corigliano, John
Cuomo, Doug
Dargel, Corey
DeVoto, Mark
Dufallo, Cornelius
*Felsenfeld, Daniel
Frank, Gabriela
Friedman, Jefferson
Fuerst, Mathew
Glass, Philip
Golijov, Osvaldo
Gordon, Michael
Golub, Peter
Greenstein, Judd
Hearne, Ted
Horne, Lance
Ives, Charles, arr. Eggar
Jacobsen, Sonia
Kaefer, John
Kahane, Gabriel
Kellogg, Daniel
Kennedy, Martin
Kitamura, Yui
Kline, Phil
*Kroll-Rosenbaum, Nora (Simulacra, Bloodstains on a Battlefield, ElevenWorks, the Democrazy Project, Collected Shorts/Stories, Sounds, A Tough Line)
Lang, David
Levitan, Daniel
Liang, Lei
Ligeti, Gyorgy
Little, David T.
Magnussen, Jon
Marks, Matt
Mazzoli, Missy
*Mesinai, Raz (VioLens)
Mills, Jessie
Moravec, Paul
Mooke, Martha
*Muhly, Nico (Simulacra, ElevenWorks, the Democrazy Project, Collected Shorts/Stories, Sounds, A Tough Line)
Muldaur, Claire
Nancarrow, Conlon
Olivero, Betty
Oliveros, Pauline
Oteri, Frank
*Paranosic, Milica (Sounds, A Tough Line, ReMix, Traveling Songs, Freedom Songs, VioLens)
Paulus, Stephen
Periera, Joseph
*Prestini, Paola (Simulacra, Bloodstains on a Battlefield, ElevenWorks, the Democrazy Project, Collected Shorts/Stories, Sounds, A Tough Line, ReMix, Traveling Songs, Freedom Songs, VioLens)
Rakowski, David
Reagon, Bernice
Reich, Steve
*Rieppi, Pablo (ReMix, Traveling Songs, Freedom Songs, VioLens)
Rodgers Guettel, Mary
Rose, Jon
Rouse, Christopher
Rulon, C. Bryan
Sanborn, Jonathan
*Sankaram, Kamala
*Shende, Vineet
Shimojima, Christopher
Sierra, Roberto
Spooky, DJ
Theofanidis, Christopher
Tillery, Kenya
Tower, Joan
*Van Sluytman, Jamal (Freedom Songs)
Webb, Orianna
Westlake, Nigel
Wolfe, Julia
*Yun, Du
Ziporyn, Evan
Zhurbin, Lev
Zorn, John
Zupko, Mischa
Zwilich, Ellen Taaffe
Zyman, Samuel

poets and writers
*Roger Bonair-Agard (Bloodstains on a Battlefield, the Democrazy Project, Sounds, A Tough Line, Traveling Songs, ReMix, Freedom Songs, VioLens)
*Caroline Bootle (A Tough Line)
*Hannah Bos (A Tough Line)
*Frances Chewning (A Tough Line)
*Shana Gozansky (A Tough Line)
*Holter Graham (A Tough Line, ReMix, Sounds)
*Rob Grace (A Tough Line)
*Jonny Green (A Tough Line)
*Samuel Helfrich (A Tough Line, Sounds)
*Mahira Kakkar (A Tough Line, Sounds)
*Amiel Melnick (A Tough Line)
*Clancy O’Connor (A Tough Line)
*Lynne Procope(the Democrazy Project, A Tough Line, Sounds, Freedom Songs)
*Patrick Rosal (Freedom Songs)
*Eunice Wong (A Tough Line)

*Martha Colburn (VioLens)
*Carmen Kordas (Sounds, ReMix, Freedom Songs, Traveling Songs, Liederabend, and VioLens)
Davide Faggiano (Industry Video, Jeffrey Zeigler, guest cellist)
*Chase Palmer (A Tough Line, the Democrazy Project, Sounds)
Stephen Taylor S. Katy Tucker (Liederabend)
*Marco Valentin (Sounds)
*John Zieman (the Democrazy Project)


*James Allen Smith (the Democrazy Project)

visual artists
*Emily Flake (A Tough Line)
*Erika Harrsch (Body Maps and VioLens)
*Carmen Kordas (Traveling Songs and Sounds and VioLens)
*Phil Ristaino (VIA Deck of Cards illustrations)

*Iyun Harrison (Simulacra)
*Elizabeth Motley (A Tough Line)
*Rebecca Stenn (Sounds)
theater directors
*Rosemary Andress (the Democrazy Project)
*Ian Belton (Amargo Trittico, VioLens)
*Sam Helfrich (Sounds, A Tough Line)