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FREE: The Hubble Cantata at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival– August 6

Featuring the music of Paola Prestini, Libretto by Royce Vavrek, Filmmaker Eliza McNitt, and Astrophysicist Mario Livio everyone in the audience (estimated 6,000) will be given a pair of Virtual Reality glasses for an immersive interaction with the music and visuals.  In collaboration with Virtual Reality producer Virtualize, the award-winning special effects team The Endless Collective (GravityInterstellar), and the acoustics/sound design team Arup worked to create a 360 soundscape experience.

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The Colorado received its NY Premiere with live music at The Met Museum on May 18.

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“The music is by Mr. Kotche, John Luther Adams, William Brittelle, Paola Prestini and Shara Nova (who has legally changed her name from Shara Worden). Some is outright gorgeous. Ms. Prestini’s choral piece for the section “A Padre, a Horse, a Telescope” sets Jesuit sources — including a Hail Mary in Cochimi, an extinct Native American language — to an ethereal blend of Mexican Baroque music and otherworldly ululations.”

“The mix of documentary film, live performance and call to activism worked unexpectedly well, maintaining a delicate balance between didactic drive and meditative awe.”

“…the music — commissioned from five composers and performed by some of the most innovative soundsmiths around — is specifically tailored to the film’s passionate environmental advocacy and carries equal weight with the visual.”

June 23 2016

VIA Records